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On weekdays and Saturdays, call 989-879-1213 or 989-205-8628. *On Sunday, call Bill at 989-251-6921.

Located in Michigan, has been committed to making your bear hunts successful since 2002! We have a great variety and large quantities of some of the best bear bait and hunting lures and scents you'll ever find.


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Located in Pinconning, Michigan, offers a continuously changing stock of bear bait for sale to help you with your hunts.


You can contact us for your bear bait needs by calling 989-879-1213 or 989-205-8628, fax 989-879-1513 or e-mail us at info @ for sales and general information. We'll be happy to answer your bear bait questions.


Let help make your next bear hunt a successful adventure!



Call 989-879-1213 or 989-205-8628 / Click the envelope email us to email us at info @ / Fax 989-879-1513
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